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Indoor playgrounds are a perfectchoice when it comes tospending time with your child.The smile on their faces duringplay makes most parents choose this simple and engaging form of activity.There will always be a huge demand on the market for places such as indoor playgrounds,adventure or trampoline parks. Our offer includes the design and manufacture of high quality indoor playgrounds, toddler zones and other play equipment for children. Our clients receive ready and fully equipped playrooms. Duringthe initial meeting, wepresent potential concepts and designs. We set the dates of consultations with the purposeof getting to know our clients and analyse the possibilities of housing as well as finance of investments in the following areas:

• One of the most important decisions you will have to make is the choice of a suitable facility and its location. With our knowledge, we will advise you where to look for the best location for indoor playground and toddler zones (surroundings, transport options, parking lots, local development plans),
• We determine what conditions must be met with regards to the potential premises (surface area, height, legal status, architectural barriers)
• We can help with acquiring funds to finance your business. Having experience in the finance sector, we will prepare a business offer for you (credit, leasing) in cooperation with our financial partners.
• Our projects team experience allows us to developprojects that meet all the needs and requirements of our clientswith regards to specifyingthe right location and the architecture. The constructed playgroundwillaccommodate children with amazing and unforgettable experiences and provide a lot of activities and fun. We prepare the concepts of indoor playgrounds and toddler zones in a 2D layout with a detail description of the individual components,free of charge. After accepting the concept of the play room in 2D, we prepare the project layout in 3D with a cost estimate.
• Well designed indoor playground’sare not just limited to the construction itself. It is equally important to consider functional elements such as: reception, cafeteria, birthday salons, toilets, appropriate insurance.
• We can carry out our projects across Poland as well as abroad. After presenting a schedule of the stage of implementation of our play roomswefulfil it according to our customers expectations. The designated project manager will be responsible for an on scheduleand correct installation of the project on-site.
• At this stage, we also assist our Partners with our expertise in the aspect promoting their parlour activities – websites, posters, leaflets, invitations and advertisements. After completing the implementation, we provide you with SERVICE as part of the WARRANTY we supplyall the documentation necessary to conduct your business. We also provide a post-warranty service. The implementation stage takes place after signing the contract, which specifies the details of cooperation and the schedule for the implementation of individual stages of theproject.

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Indoor playgroundsare a great place for children. Activities related to play structures bring a smile to a child’s face.

Location, layout of the room, sanitary facilities are a few things that will have a huge impact on the design of a modern and safe playroom.

Safety is the priorityfor producingany indoor playground and other play equipment – certificates, safety standards and regular servicing is necessary to maintain peak safety levels.

Regular service and daily inspections of play structures are key to reliability. Our company provides a warranty and post-warranty service, while it is equally important that the investoris responsible for a regular hygiene and structural control on premises.