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Multifunctional pitches

A sporty lifestyle is the best way to be healthy. Inner playgrounds introduce children to the disciplines they adore, and their diversity means that every child will find something for themselves. Multi-purpose pitches are great at indoor theme parks – play rooms, as well as fitnesu, gym and hotel facilities that the youngest had their own corner. The playgrounds are constructed and produced in a similar system as our playground structures, ie a safety net on each side along with the ceiling.

All of our play structures meet PN-EN 1176 safety standards, which guarantee safe use and a peace of mind, so that children and their parents can simply enjoy the fun.  

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Indoor playgroundsare a great place for children. Activities related to play structures bring a smile to a child’s face.

Location, layout of the room, sanitary facilities are a few things that will have a huge impact on the design of a modern and safe playroom.

Safety is the priorityfor producingany indoor playground and other play equipment – certificates, safety standards and regular servicing is necessary to maintain peak safety levels.

Regular service and daily inspections of play structures are key to reliability. Our company provides a warranty and post-warranty service, while it is equally important that the investoris responsible for a regular hygiene and structural control on premises.