1. Introduction
We treat your personal data protection with responsibility and we believe that your data should be collected and processed only when it is absolutely necessary. For this reason, the website has been designed with the appropriate operating and internal systems and complies with European data protection law (EU regulation 679/2016 EU-GDPR).
This privacy policy sets out the basis on which the company JAKO GROUPS SP Z O. O. is located at ul. bp Herbert Bednorz 17, 40-384 Katowice Poland and is legally represented (hereinafter the “company”), collects, uses, communicates or otherwise processes personal data.
This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what data we collect and why we collect it. We have also taken steps to improve the privacy control and other controls we provide to protect your data and protect your privacy.
Nothing changes the settings or how the data is processed. Instead, we’ve improved the way we describe our practices and how we illustrate your choices regarding updating, managing, exporting and deleting data.
We are introducing these updates when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force across the European Union. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aimed at harmonizing privacy laws across Europe, improves the transparency rules on how companies describe data processing. We make the necessary updates to our Privacy Policy and take the opportunity to introduce improvements to our site users.
2. Person responsible for the processing of personal data
Address: ks. Bishop Herbert Bednorz 17, 40-384 Katowice Poland

E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots. You must enable Java script to be able to view it.
Tel. Contact: +48 791 107 478.
Our company manages the above website as a whole, which is designed with the appropriate operating and internal systems, and is compliant with EU law on data protection (EU Regulation 679/2016 EU – GDPR).
This Policy has been accepted by our company, which is also responsible for the processing of your personal data. Our company is responsible for protecting the user every time he uses the site, and informs about all necessary information in accordance with art. 12, 13 and 14 of the new Data Protection Regulation applicable from 25 May 2018. At European level.

3. Personal data collected by our company
Personal data is any information that applies to you or may be attributed to you. Our company can collect simple personal data, such as (but not limited to) your name, email address, telephone number and VAT number and tax recorder. (if you need a PCD version), as well as technical data such as e-mails that are processed as described below.
If we receive personal data belonging to a specific category (eg Data related to health), we undertake to process them even more carefully only with the explicit consent or in the manner permitted by the relevant legislation.
Contact details: If you want to communicate with our company, you give us your name, surname, email address and telephone number.
If you are under 18 years of age, you MUST obtain parental consent before contacting the company.
The above personal data is used by our company to communicate with you at the request of you. We may collect your data by phone (e.g. by phone) or online (e.g. registration on the electronic communication platform) or of course (e.g., if you visit our office) in accordance with these terms of use and this statement, as well as the data protection statement available in our office – office.
We can also use your e-mail and telephone to send you a message if you encounter a problem while communicating with you.
Our company collects, stores and processes personal data of its employees, such as name, address, date of birth, identification number, VAT number, etc. In order to perform a contract of employment, payrolls with the requirements of the relevant labor laws and taxes.
In addition, our company may sometimes receive a CV from our branches, where we provide personal data, professional qualifications, work experience, etc. We collect this data, updating it if necessary, always following the appropriate organizational and technical security measures and as long as it is it is necessary to perform the agreement between us or if it is justified by our future cooperation.
Location data and online data: Like most websites, you also collect and process personal data and information about you, through external sources or directly from you who provides it to us when browsing.
Collection and processing of your personal data and information about you takes place on one hand for purposes directly related to the services ordered and we offer you and / or for purposes for which you have agreed, and always in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on the protection of personal data. We store your personal data for as long as necessary to provide you with our services, and we retain some of them in accordance with our legal obligations as described below.
By browsing the site, the latter collects and processes your personal information and information, especially from you who provides it to us. In addition, there is no automatic way to collect data, cookies, etc. when navigating the site. Our site does not contain a user database, so there is no encryption. You do not need to register on this site so that we can also direct your personal information or other information.

The above data and information provided by our company use, for advertising and promotional purposes of its products and services, for statistical purposes for market research purposes to optimize our services, to measure the effectiveness of the website, improve its content, adapt it to the demand and the needs of visitors, and measuring the effectiveness of presenting and displaying our company on third-party websites.
In addition, e-mail service providers (listed below) may use cookies that enable them to detect and record users’ interests, and in these cases, we refer to “performance” or “functional” cookie files. These cookies and other similar detection technologies are mainly used to monitor users’ behavior for analytical purposes.
E-mail service providers may occasionally use other similar technologies, such as beacons, pixels (or “cleargify”) and other tracking technologies. These are small graphic files containing a unique identifier that allows providers to recognize if someone has opened an e-mail message sent to them in the case of beacons in the network.
E-mail service providers can automatically place singlepixelgify, known as webbeacons, in every e-mail message you send. These are small graphic files that contain unique identifiers that allow them to recognize when you open an email or enter certain hyperlinks. If you want to enable or disable the use of cookies from your browser settings, visit the following websites, depending on your browser, to learn about the necessary actions.
-Internet Explorer
-Safari for iPad and iPhone
If our users connect to our website on third party websites via links, hyperlinks, banners, our company is not responsible for the conditions and management of personal data.

4.Celebration and processing of personal data from our company
Goals of information promotion: We collect the above-mentioned communication data in order to promote products and business benefits.
In addition, data is collected for communication with the company and its employees (via live broadcast, telephone, e-mail, text messages, social media, etc.), sending promotional e-mails and newsletters (bulletin, etc.), sending text messages (our company ) and third parties (included with our company), prices and other tax or other legal considerations.
Analytical goals: Sometimes we can collect the above mentioned location data and online data in order to obtain information about our information and promotional materials.
5. Legal basis for collecting and processing data from our activity
Consent: To process personal data as described above, we rely on your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time by contacting us using the information listed at the beginning of this document.
Conventional link: Our company collects personal data in the context of the implementation of the contract between the client and the client.
Legal Obligation: We do not sell, share or lease personal information to third parties unless you have given your consent (see above) or as required by law. We may disclose your personal information if such disclosure is necessary to establish, enforce or defend legal claims, regardless of whether this is before the judicial authorities, or is it out of court (eg credit check), but always under conditions, which fully guarantee that your personal data will not be subjected to unlawful processing. Our company does not collect or process personal data of minor children unless they have the explicit consent of their parents. Our company will in no case receive more personal data from you than it is necessary for any purpose that it collects.

6. Recipients of your data
Our company may transfer the personal data you collect in accordance with the terms of this agreement to third parties, but always under conditions that fully guarantee that your personal data will not be subjected to unlawful processing or other than the purpose of the transmission and always in accordance with our previous written contract with them.
These agencies are carefully selected by us and comply with the relevant regulations. In addition, data may be sent to countries within the European Economic Area, in which all security requirements are met. If it is necessary to transfer data outside the EEA, this will only be done in accordance with international security requirements and to maximize data protection.
Your data may also be processed by employees of our company, however employees who can process personal data are properly trained. The records of our records may be transferred to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities at their legal request and in accordance with applicable law. In addition, in the case of a statutory service, service order or formal preliminary examination, the Company may provide relevant information to the relevant service.
In particular, we can send data in accordance with the following rules:
• At Google, as described above, in particular to use Google Analytics or for re-marketing,

The above organization is based in the USA and is in accordance with the EU-U.SPrivacyShield international agreement. It collects general statistical data and does not have any personalization of the website user (number of views, browser, mobile device or country / region of the user).
• Providers of database hosting services, technical support and site management
• To third parties that provide services related to its operation, such as developers, data providers, suppliers, data providers and data subjects, solely for the purpose of processing their services for us.
• Suppliers of contractual services who help in some activities (eg Marketing, technology services).
• In credit institutions, to access our platform and execute the order directly from these credit institutions, as we have already described.
• For e-mail and newsletters and telephony providers – SMS. Service providers may access personal information required to fulfill their obligations and may not disclose or use this information for any other purpose. These suppliers are bound by written confidentiality clauses and have adequate security of personal data security.

We may send and process personal data anywhere in the world where processing activities take place. Currently, the servers on which your personal information is stored are in principle located in the United States of America. This means that your personal information may be transferred or even processed in the United States.
Any transfer of personal data from us to third countries (including the United States) will only take place to countries that have laws on the protection of personal data that ensure an adequate level of protection as interpreted in accordance with European data protection law.
As long as the international transmission of personal data takes place, we will endeavor to ensure that all information we provide is adequately protected in accordance with the privacy statement and the requirements of the applicable personal data legislation.
• To data security providers.
• To tax accountants and tax advisers with whom our company works to fulfill its tax and financial obligations.
• In the office security services industry, because there is a security camera and an alarm system in our headquarters.
• In special successors: If our company undergoes business changes, such as merger, JointVenture, takeover by another company or sale of all or part of its assets, it can provide all information and user data, including personal information for the organization’s successor. If as a result of our business change there are significant changes in our privacy practices, our company will inform you before sending your personal data.
• For companies in the group, when disclosure is appropriate to provide the company’s services.
• To public authorities: In cases where we believe disclosure is necessary in connection with efforts to seek, prevent or take action against illegal activity, suspected of fraud or other harmful activity, we may share personal data with competent public authorities. Your data is also made available to public authorities for tax purposes.
Our company informs you that the above categories of recipients of your personal data and information are the processors of our account and therefore do not process any data beyond the above purposes and always follow our clear instructions and instructions.
In any case, our employees and external partners who have access to your personal data and information are specific and properly trained, and unauthorized access to data is prohibited.

7. Rights of the data subject:
We are committed to providing you with the opportunity to use all your rights, according to GDPR,
More specifically, you have the right:
• Be informed about the processing of your personal data
• Get access to your personal information that interests you
• Ask for correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data. You can check and update any inaccurate personal details. You can also ask to fill in your personal details if they are incomplete
• Ask for the deletion of personal data when it is no longer necessary or if the processing is illegal. You can ask us to remove any of your personal information that is no longer needed in relation to the purposes for which it is collected, or in cases where you have withdrawn your consent
• You object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or for reasons related to a specific situation
• You can withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal of the consensus does not affect the validity of the treatment that took place on the basis of a consensus for the period before its revocation
• Ask for a request to limit the processing of personal data in specific cases. You can ask us to restrict the use of your personal information if such use is illegal or if you feel that your personal information is no longer needed for the purposes above
• Receive your personal data in a structured form, widely accepted and machine readable, and ask us to send this data to another processor without objection from us
• Apply for self-administered decisions that affect you or have a significant impact on you and are based on your personal data were made by individuals and not just by computers. You also have the right in this case to express your point of view and challenge the decision
• The right to submit a complaint to APIS
• The right to appeal against the legally binding decision of APIS
• Right to appeal directly to the person or processor if you believe that your rights under the Regulations have been violated as a result of processing your PD
• Right to compensation for any person who has suffered material or non-material damage as a result of an infringement of the Regulation, directly by the responsible person or the processor, for the damage suffered
In any case, you want to exercise your rights with respect to any personal data that we store that you can send in writing to our company in the above email and phone number. You have the option to send us requests for free access to data, however, depending on the amount of data that our company has for you, we may charge you with the costs of our company to provide information about your data or any other information that we have for you. Our company will respond to your requests without undue delay and at least within one month.
To prevent any obstacles in meeting your request, we will inform you of the reason. You may be asked to provide information confirming your identity in order to exercise your rights.
These rights apply throughout the EU, regardless of where the data is being processed or the location of the company. These rights also apply to goods and services offered by companies based outside the EU but operating in the EU.
In the event of a breach of your personal data, our company, in accordance with the obligation to notify about an APIS violation, has adequate means to disclose, if possible within 72 hours of knowledge, if your personal data is breached, it may pose a threat to your rights, and in the event of delayed disclosure after this date, it will be justified.
If you are a parent of a child under 18 years of age and realize that your child shares your personal information with us, contact our company in the above-mentioned ways and you can ask to use the current rights. If we find that we have collected personal information about a child under 18 years of age, we will take reasonable steps to delete your personal information.

8.Time interval for data storage
Communication data is stored for five (5) years, with express reservation of all obligations arising from applicable legal provisions, and withdrawn consent for a period of five (5) years, with express reservation of all obligations resulting from applicable legal provisions.
Please note that your data will be stored in our database only as long as we have a contractual or reasonable right, or it is necessary to maintain it, even if it exceeds the said duration. Since this can not be determined in advance, the storage period may vary for each guest.
In the event that our contractual relationship is interrupted for any reason, we may store certain user data for as long as it is still required (e.g., if there is a tax obligation), and in any event until the expiration of our related claims.
Of course, all data stored by us will be deleted if you ask us to remove data from our database, unless we are required to store all or some of them for a longer period of time under the law (e.g. with tax documents services for you) or in to protect your vital interests (eg related health reasons).
Although we may store your data for the period necessary for the functioning of our company, we will never contact you without your explicit consent or without the absolutely necessary performance of the order or confirmation of it.
9. Privacy of the data subject:
As soon as our company receives your data, procedures and security measures are put in place to prevent unauthorized access to them. We undertake to protect our users’ information and implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the security of personal data. However, it should be remembered that no system is completely safe.
The security measures taken by our company are as follows:
Saving files in a physical format: Our company can store files in a physical, paper format that contains personal data. We store these records in enclosed protected areas and only available to those employees or partners who need them for the purposes described in the employment contract.
Saving files in electronic format: some of your personal data will be stored in the database of the website, which is maintained by specialized technical software management as well as in the database of our company. is in “Thunderbird”, protected by Microsoft “Office 365” resources and is additionally controlled by the FortiMail-FortiGuard server (anti-virus, anti-spam etc. Fortiguardservices). FortinetFirewalls (NGF) are also installed on the network (LAN / WAN) and we have set codes that are only available to those employees or partners who are required to access these files via the Internet. all applications on enterprise computers are e-mailed “Microsoft Office 365 BusinessPremium” and “Ms Outlook”. In addition, as the company is a member of the group, connection to central electronic systems in Cyprus takes place via a “remote VPN connection” in the “Fortinet Firewall”.
File transfer: Our company has access to the server’s website via administrators, which are made available only to those employees or partners who are required to access these files via the Internet.
Bank card details: In addition, we do not store card data in our business location. At the same time, you must also take all possible steps to prevent third parties from accessing your account.

Any unlawful breach of the database of this website or database for processing third-party data will be reported to all interested parties and authorities within 72 hours of the breach, if it is obvious that the stored personal data in an identifiable form has been stolen.

10. Changes in the privacy policy
This privacy policy may change from time to time in accordance with the legislation or development of the industry without prior notice. Therefore, we encourage you to regularly check this policy, because consistent and unpredictable use of the site means acceptance of all possible modifications.
11. Right to submit a complaint to the competent authority
You have the right to make a complaint regarding the processing of personal data in:
Privacy protection (APIS)
Avenue of George Washington 40A, Ip 03-910 Warsaw
Phone: +48 22 616 25 70
Postal address:
12. The applicable law – disputes
These conditions, the modification of which is subject to Greek law. All provisions of these conditions shall become legally unenforceable and shall be automatically withdrawn from the present, in no way undermining the validity of the other conditions. All jurisdictions that may arise are determined by courts in Katowice.
13. Contact us
Before browsing the Business Website or making any transactions with us, we invite you to read this Policy and to make sure that you agree to the terms we collect and process your personal information.
However, if you want to get any clarifications or information regarding the terms of this Policy or you have a dispute, reservation or inquiry, you can contact our company based on the above contact details.