I. General

The website www.jakoplayground.com (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) belongs to the name JAKO GROUPS SP Z O. O., ul. bpa Herberta Bednorza 17, 40-384 Katowice Poland and is legally represented (due to brevity, company), and the rights and obligations associated with it are subject to the conditions set out in this document and its integral parts applicable to all its content and individual pages .
The site is intended only for legal or natural persons with full legal capacity who may enter into legally binding contracts in accordance with the applicable regulations. The use of the site, its content and applications by minors (or under 18 without the consent of the parents) is prohibited.
Browsing, accessing and using the website and any services available through it is the presumption that the user has studied, understood and accepted all terms of use. For this reason, the visitor is asked to read their content in advance. In the event that the user does not agree with the terms of use of the site, he can not use the services and its contents.
The company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions at any time without notice. The company will publish an online version of the terms of use, while continuing to use the site or its services will be considered as acceptance of the new terms. For this reason, each user is asked to check the conditions of use regularly.
The terms of use of the website, as well as any modifications thereof, are subject to national and Community law and all applicable international agreements. Any provisions of the above conditions found to be inconsistent with this legal framework shall become obsolete, automatically cease to apply and shall be withdrawn from the present one, without prejudice to the validity of the other conditions.
Similarly, if any terms of use become partially or wholly invalid or unenforceable, the validity and / or validity of the other terms or their parts will not be affected. Incorrect and / or unenforceable conditions shall be replaced by conditions as close as possible to the meaning and purposes of invalid or unenforceable conditions.
All disputes arising from the conditions and general use of the site by the guest or user will generally be solved in a friendly manner, but if this is not possible, they will be subject to Polish law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Katowice.

II. Intellectual property rights (copyright)
The content of the website (programs, all kinds of information materials, data, software, graphics, trademarks, brand names, logos, photos, texts and generally all archives of this site, etc.) Is protected by the copyright of this company and is protected by current national law , community and international. All modifications, publications, transmissions, transmissions, reproduction, distribution, presentation, linking, downloading or using in any way or in part the content of the website in any way or by personal gain, its explicit and written consent, which reserves all its rights.
The content of the site is available to users for personal use and may not be made available on the market. Third party products or services that can be referenced on this site and that bear the trademarks of relevant organizations, companies, affiliates, associations or publishers are their intellectual and industrial property.
III. Links to third-party websites
In the event that the site currently or in the future provides access to third-party websites via links, it will be for the convenience of users only, and the use of these links will only be the responsibility of users and their respective websites will be subject to their own terms of use, for which the company is not responsible.
The company does not guarantee the availability of third-party websites and does not endorse or be responsible for the content, accuracy, legality, completeness, timeliness and accuracy of information, nor for the quality and properties of products or services that are made available through these websites . The company is also not responsible for any errors or defects of third party websites and for any damage to users in accessing information, services and products made available through them.
IV. Website validity – Virus protection – Limitation of liability – Disclaimer
The website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors that will be corrected by the company at its discretion if identified. However, the company can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, accuracy, timeliness or inviolability of the content of the site for any use, application or purpose. Nor does it guarantee that any errors will be necessarily or completely corrected or that any questions will be asked.
Although the company makes every effort to exclude the appearance of viruses on this site, it does not guarantee that the functions of the website will be uninterrupted or free from all kinds of errors and viruses and will not be responsible for any loss of data or other damage to the user or third parties, in connection with the use / copying / downloading or alteration or viral infection or other unauthorized third party interventions in files and information available via the website.
Each user must take all appropriate security measures (eg Antivirus programs) before any “message” from this site. The cost of any corrections or repairs shall be borne by the user, and in no case shall the company be liable.
The company is not responsible for the temporary unavailability of the website, to stop individual or all functions or applications, or for any technical failure or any emergence. The Company, under no circumstances, including negligence, is liable to the user or any third party for any form of damage, direct or indirect, positive or negative, in any way related to the use of the Website, its navigation and use of services or information in them contained.

User behavior
Website users must abide by the rules and regulations of European and international law and applicable laws governing telecommunications and refrain from any illegal activity and abuse in connection with this use. The user of the website is responsible for any damage caused on the company’s website due to improper or inappropriate use of the website and the services it offers.
The website user is solely responsible for any offensive content regarding the personality, honor or reputation of third parties or content that violates the privacy of third parties or violates criminal law in general. If, despite the amount of data, information, content etc., our site is informed in any way about content that violates the personality of the honor or reputation of any third party, and in its assessment causes non-property damage and property damage to third parties, is entitled without notice: a) Delete the content directly. (b) Take any legal measures at its sole discretion to prevent such actions and cause any damage to third parties.
VI. Terms of use of the contact form.
To access some services, such as e-mails, visitors may be asked to provide visitor information. The above must always be true, accurate, valid and complete. Visitors are responsible for all activities performed by them. This information is not disclosed by the company to third parties under any circumstances.
VII. contact
For any type of information, explanation, any request, such as communication with the webmaster or a request for reproduction rights to any part of the content of the site, as well as requests for permission to play the content, you can contact the company on +48 791 107 478, and to the e-mail address: https://www.jakoplayground.com/en/contact/

An integral and binding part of the conditions of use is also the DECLARATION OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION – SECURITY AND PRIVACY POLICY.